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C# How to search a Generic List using Find and FindAll with a lambda expression

C# How to search a Generic List using Find and FindAll with a lambda expression

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Overview: Hits=15 In this code snippet, I demonstrate how to create a list using a struct and how too use an enumeration type called GenderType in the struct. A list of Person struct type is created and a lambda function is created as the predicate of the Find extension and the FindAll extension. The Find extension searches the list until the first record with a match is encounter then stops. The FindAll extension searches the list for all matches returning true.
       enum GenderType { Male, Female}

        struct Person {
            public int Id;
            public string Name;
            public int Age;
            public GenderType Gender;
        public void TestFindOnList()
            List<Person> list = new List<Person>() {
                new Person() {Id=1, Name="Bob Jones",Age=31,Gender=GenderType.Male },
                new Person() {Id=2,Name="Dan Smith",Age=40,Gender=GenderType.Male },
                new Person() {Id=3, Name="Susan Bright", Age=44,Gender=GenderType.Female },
                new Person() {Id=4, Name="Jimmy Davis", Age=50,Gender=GenderType.Female }
            Person person = list.Find((Person p) => p.Id == 1);
            Assert.AreEqual(person.Name , "Bob Jones");

            List<Person> matches = null;

            matches = list.FindAll (p => p.Gender == GenderType.Female);

            foreach (var item in matches)
                Console.WriteLine($"Name: {item.Name}\t Gender: {item.Gender}");

Predicate Lambda Function Rules

1. Hits=19 Lambda expression take parameters (Person p). If no parameter are given then use ()=>{} indicating an empty parameter list.

2. Hits=15 The Lambda parameters can be passed by reference (ref int x)=>{x++}. The x increment is permanent.

3. THits=15 he Lambda expression body can be made of multiple statements, variable assignments, or method calls. The lambda expression can modify class variables external to the expression, be careful. ....

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